True North

Serving communities since 2007

True North is a Non Profit Company founded in 2007, prompted by the desire to bring meaningful change to vulnerable and underprivileged communities in South Africa through education, research and the sharing of technology.

Vrygrond ECD Project

Vrygrond and Overcome Heights, located near Muizenberg in the Western Cape, are two of the most concentrated examples of the challenges that plague poverty-ridden communities in South Africa. 

At last count, Vrygrond was home to some 42 000 people, with approximately 5000 children in the 0 – 5 year old age category. This community was one of South Africa’s very first informal settlements, and bears the legacy of many decades of inequality.

True North has been actively implementing in Vrygrond and Overcome Heights for almost 5 years now and over time, as their relationships, knowledge and influence within the community grew, they developed what is now known as the Rainbow Development Framework, which is a progressive development journey that trains, supports, equips and connects preschool principals and their staff (teachers and assistants) to achieve the below listed outcomes towards young children being ready for grade R.

Our Beneficiaries

ECD Centers
Principals and Teachers
Children 0-5 Years Old