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Children's Health & Education in Africa

CHEAFRICA focuses on the one segment of African society that needs the most help, yet receives the least funding; the kids. From pre-school early childhood development, through the provision of nutrition & education, to entrepreneurship programs for post-school youngsters that create employment opportunities, CHEAFRICA supports programmes that champion the cause of young Africans under the age of 25.

Our Mission

Accounting For Every Penny

Corruption in Africa is widespread. As a result, some donations don’t reach their intended recipients, or aren’t utilized in the advertised manner. CHEAFRICA makes sure that every penny goes towards making a difference by providing oversight and hands-on management of our NPO partner projects. Internally, all our administrative costs are funded by our patrons, ensuring that in excess of 90% of the funds raised go directly to their respective programmes.

The Far-Reaching Impact Of ECD

Where young children do not have access to quality ECD, the knock-on impact upon the next generation of school-going children is staggering.

Figures from the South African Department of Basic Education (as quoted in the 2013 CSI Handbook) suggest that scores of developmentally-stunted children are entering primary school, leading to a downward spiral of low self-worth and related problems.

Grade 3 learners who are Iiterate
Grade 5 learners who are at grade 4 level
Grade 9 learners who achieve > 50% for mathematics

About Our Organisation

CHEAFRICA was created by Vicky Roper,  in recognition of the values and passions she shared with her late brother, Mike Davies, to improve the lives of children in Africa. 

With 30 years of experience working with charitable organisations in the UK, Vicky now resides in South Africa where she leads a dedicated and like minded team who pursue the CHEAFRICA vision. Vicky’s Team members are: Deanne Vorster, Jane Bates, Kati Niehues-Paas, Josephine Robinson, Robyn Daneel – Spicer, and Georgie Roper

Partner Projects & INITIATIVES

Together We Can Make A Difference

The Western Cape is home to over 500,000 children under the age of five, and over 40% of them have no access to early childhood development facilities. These community kindergardens are vital but grossly under-funded. From cooking utensils & cutlery, to educational materials, sleeping cots and even training for the educators – they need your help to survive. Below we have featured just three of the initiatives towards which your donations are directed. 

20 years ago, the first Golden Sunbeams kindergarten was launched in the township of Macassar for about 100 children. Today the dedicated team takes care of 15 kindergartens with about 1000 children in total.

The name Masikhule means ‘Let us Grow’ in isiXhosa. Masikhule is a non-profit organization based in the Helderberg that trains woman from marginalized communities in early childhood development since 2005

True North is a non-profit organization founded in 2007, prompted by the desire to bring meaningful change to vulnerable and underprivileged communities in South Africa through education, research and the sharing of technology.

We understand that early childhood development covers only the first few steps of a child’s journey into the world, and that’s why we created Entrepreneurs In Africa; helping young adults launch and develop their own businesses.

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